We protect your work and your business

Professional Indemnity

The best insurance solutions tailored to the exercise of your profession and protection against any risks associated with it. Comprehensive protection.

Second pillar, LPP

In combination with Pillar 1, it enables insured persons and their loved ones to maintain their standard of living in old age, in the event of disability or death.

Lainf Accident

Insurance proposals for all risks, BIG offers the best solution for people who are studying, working as an employee or professional, unemployed or retired.

Collective health insurance

Individual cover for medical expenses in the event of illness and accident. To minimize the financial consequences for the employer.

Directors&Officers, D&O

Protection for company directors who are, by law and anywhere in the world, personally and jointly liable for damages caused to third parties or the company.


To protect the company from the loss of the key-man, we have several solutions designed to protect professional firms and companies of all types and sizes.


The risk in the field of cyber security is nowadays more and more frequent and integrated in daily business. Ideal solutions for professional firms and companies.

Properties and content

Coverage for firms and companies, from property to content, tailored to the specific needs of the various activities, to protect assets from possible claims.


The solidity of the company also passes through the protection of trade receivables and greater security of profits and cash flows.


Insurance solutions to optimally protect products from the place of departure to the place of destination.

Company vehicles

Coverage for firms and companies, from ownership to contents, tailored to the specific needs of the various activities.