Insurance solutions tailored for European residents.

We are the leading distributor in Monaco in terms of reliability, expertise and experience. Specialised in Private Life Insurance Wrapper, Death Benefits and International Healthcare.

Private Life Insurance

Private Life Insurance is a very interesting and advantageous solution as at contractual and tax purposes. It is a whole life insurance policy that allows you to meet the wealth management needs of High Net Worth individuals, businesses and trusts.

International medical expenses

International medical insurance coverage and direct payment of medical expenses. This solution allows the traveller to leave, whether for business or pleasure, with the certainty of being fully protected. Your health is important wherever you are.

Death Cover

An insurance cover that pays out a lump sum in the event of the insured’s death or permanent disability from any cause. The risk is linked to the life of the insured and is fully covered by the policy. An important choice for you and your beloved.

Mortgage Insurance Policy

A policy that protects your family from the unpleasant consequences of life’s unforeseen events, such as temporary incapacity, job loss or the more serious ones such as permanent disability or death. A concrete sign of love towards those you love.

Luxury Lines

Our tailor-made insurance proposals protect your assets and valuables. A product that covers the total or partial loss of the value of an artistic object or collection or particularly valuable assets. Ask our experts for the best solution for you.

Travel refund

Feel comfortable with your decision to travel. Our tailor-made insurance solutions are adapted to the country of destination and the duration of your stay, so that you are protected even when you are not at home. Ask our experts for the best solution for you.


Insurance coverage for those who live and work abroad (resident) for a certain period of time.

Surety Bond

Insurance surety policies designed to ensure full compliance with the agreements and commitments undertaken.